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11 months ago

       Welcome to the LVS   

Ozobot Tutorials: Watch these before you take the test.  Just a note: Squares work better than circles.
You must score 90% or higher to earn your license.  After you have taken the test, view your results, and let Ms. Lam know if you passed with 90% or higher.

Sphero Tutorial: Watch this before you take the test.
 Link to Sphero Driver's License Quiz.  You must score 90% or higher to get your license.  View your results and let Ms. Lam know if you passed. 
Stop Motion Videos 
How to Make a Stop Motion Movie by Presley
The Blob That Ate Everything by Awesome 4th Graders  Click Here 
How to Draw YouTube Video Links 
Origami Links
 Teknikio Electric Origami Link

Coding link
Hour of Code link 
Finger Knitting
Makey Makey
 Drums and Piano and Games, OH MY! 
Other Makerpsace Activities:
  • Snap and Paper Circuits
  • Lego and Lego Movie Maker
  • Quiver Coloring (Augmented Reality)
  • Chatterpix Kids
  • Rube Goldbergs
  • Stop Motion Movies/Claymation
  • Marble Run
  • Green Screen
  • Robotis
  • Solar Robots
  • Weaving Wall
  • Use the Engineering Design Process to build almost anything.
  • Your idea here!