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Bullying Prevention

No Bullying Sign



Bullying is an issue we take seriously at Laguna Vista Elementary School. We encourage our students to report all bullying incidences to their principal, school counselor, teacher, or other school staff members. We teach our students the difference in conflict and bullying and how to handle each. Bullying differs from conflict in that the behavior is done on purpose, repeated over time, and involves an imbalance of power. The four types of bullying are:

-Physical: actions that hurt your body

-Verbal: words that hurt your feelings

-Friendship: words/actions that hurt your friendships, using a friendship or threatening to take friendship away

-Cyberbullying: intentional, repeated harmful behavior using technology

If your child is being bullied, please notify our school principal, school counselor, and/or child’s teacher so we can work together to address it and put an end to it. 

Parents: Please read the following article which helps parents identify a bully, understand why kids bully, recognize the signs of bullying, knowing how to help kids and what advice to give them, and teaching them how to restore their confidence.

Students: Please read the following article to learn how to help a kid who's bullied.

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