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Laguna Vista Elementary School expects parents to make sure their children are in school on time every day, for the full school day. Research shows a high positive correlation between a student's attendance and achievement. Regular school attendance is important for building strong academic and social foundations in your child's educational and personal development. A student who misses even one day a week is missing valuable classroom instruction and the daily experience and connection of being part of the class. Students who stay home have a hard time coming back to school because they feel lost as the instruction and classroom life has moved on without them. 

If a child is sick, has a fever or is throwing up, they should of course stay at home until they are better. However, parents and students with late night routines who have a difficult time getting up in the morning or students who have emotional issues or anxiety that make coming to school a challenge, should contact Mrs. Acosta to discuss strategies for helping improve school attendance. 

Parents should notify the school if their child is sick by phoning (805)488-3638 and let our school secretaries know when their child will be absent. Please remember that checking your child out early impacts academics as significantly as arriving late each day. 

Here are some tips on how to promote good attendance.

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