Laguna Vista Elementary School is the home to approximately 550 extraordinary boys and girls in grades TK-5th. About once a month students receive a visit from Mrs. Acosta to receive a guidance lesson on the character trait of the month, which is based on John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

This year all students will be introduced to the role of the school counselor and success building skills such as: friendship, enthusiasm, cooperation, self-control, hard work, determination, and confidence. They will also receive a lesson in how to keep our bodies healthy and drug free (Red Ribbon Week), the difference in conflict and bullying and how to handle each while learning to mediate our conflicts with others.

About School Counseling

School counselors are specially trained educators with a professional certification in counseling. Our purpose is to provide students with the academic, personal, social, and career skills to prepare them for a successful future. While school counselors are trained to counsel children, WE ARE NOT THERAPISTS and cannot provide the intense one on one therapy needed in some situations by families and children. I am available to meet with you and your child to determine the level of need and to discuss ways to handle difficult situations typically experienced by elementary aged children. If your child is struggling to deal with a significant life event that needs more attention than 2 or 3 meetings with the school counselor, please call me at (805)488-3638 ext. 7776, email me at lacosta@oceanviewsd.org or check out the Community Resources tab of this website for referrals to therapists or agencies in our community.

Community Resources

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City Impact(805)983-3636
Interface: (805) 485-6114
VCBH Youth & Family Program: (805) 981-8460
Cal Lutheran Community Counseling Services (in Oxnard): (805) 493-3059
Clinicas Del Camino Real: (805) 436-344


Salvation Army: (805) 483-9235
Dignity Health: (805) 988-2651
Home Energy Assistance Program: (805) 436-4000


Oxnard Housing Authority(805) 385-8014
Salvation Army:  (805) 659-3598
Ventura County Rescue Mission (805) 487-1234
Lighthouse Women’s & Children Mission Emergency Shelter: (805) 385-7200

Many Mansions:  (805)496-4948



St. Paul’s Baptist Church:  (805) 643-5033
Catholic Charities of Ventura County: (805) 486-2900
Ventura County Rescue Mission: (805) 487-1234
Oxnard Community Food Pantry: (805) 485-3325
La Hermandad: (805) 483-4620
Ventura County Pet Pantry: (805) 388-4341


Dignity Health: (805)988-2651

Coalition for Family Harmony (Rape Crisis Center): 1-800-300-218
Children’s Intensive Response Team (CIRT): 1-866-431-2478
Ventura County Behavioral Health Crisis Team (for adults): 1-866-998-2243

Vista Del Mar Military Support: (805) 653-6434
FOCUS Family& Couples Resiliency Training: (805) 982-1976
Fleet& Family Support Center: 1-866-923-6478 or (805)982-5037

MIlitary Counselor

Laguna Vista is fortunate to have a full-time counselor to support our military families. To connect please contact: MFLC Brochure
Allegra Rouss Arouss@oceanviewsd.org 805-425-4589 Check back here for more resources.


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Laguna Vista Elementary School expects parents to make sure their children are in school on time every day, for the full school day. Research shows a high positive correlation between a student's attendance and achievement. Regular school attendance is important for building strong academic and social foundations in your child's educational and personal development. A student who misses even one day a week is missing valuable classroom instruction and the daily experience and connection of being part of the class. Students who stay home have a hard time coming back to school because they feel lost as the instruction and classroom life has moved on without them. 

If a child is sick, has a fever or is throwing up, they should of course stay at home until they are better. However, parents and students with late night routines who have a difficult time getting up in the morning or students who have emotional issues or anxiety that make coming to school a challenge, should contact Mrs. Acosta to discuss strategies for helping improve school attendance. 

Parents should notify the school if their child is sick by phoning (805)488-3638 and let our school secretaries know when their child will be absent. Please remember that checking your child out early impacts academics as significantly as arriving late each day. 

Here are some tips on how to promote good attendance.

Bullying Prevention

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Bullying is an issue we take seriously at Laguna Vista Elementary School. We encourage our students to report all bullying incidences to their principal, school counselor, teacher, or other school staff members. We teach our students the difference in conflict and bullying and how to handle each. Bullying differs from conflict in that the behavior is done on purpose, repeated over time, and involves an imbalance of power. The four types of bullying are:

-Physical: actions that hurt your body

-Verbal: words that hurt your feelings

-Friendship: words/actions that hurt your friendships, using a friendship or threatening to take friendship away

-Cyberbullying: intentional, repeated harmful behavior using technology

If your child is being bullied, please notify our school principal, school counselor, and/or child’s teacher so we can work together to address it and put an end to it. 

Parents: Please read the following article which helps parents identify a bully, understand why kids bully, recognize the signs of bullying, knowing how to help kids and what advice to give them, and teaching them how to restore their confidence.

Students: Please read the following article to learn how to help a kid who's bullied.